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Green Compliance Water Hygiene and Treatment is a complete water treatment, water hygiene and air solutions company, dedicated to providing customers with innovative environmental solutions. We specialise in ensuring that we understand our customers’ requirements and how to fulfil them. We do this by providing a bespoke package to give safe water systems, peace of mind and above all complete compliance.

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Don’t freeze up this winter...

Green Compliance recommend that when operating chilled water    systems below 7°C, appropriate glycol mix is added to your system in order to prevent freezing. Glycol can also be used to prevent ambient freezing of chilled water systems without trace heating located outside during winter months.

A freeze up of your chilled water system, however caused, can be costly and cause unwanted production down time to your facility.   Green Compliance can supply anti-freeze solutions for all industrial requirements. We are also able to offer initial dosing and ongoing concentration checks as required.

About Green Compliance—Water Services

Green Compliance Water Services is a national leader in water hygiene with trained, experienced staff across all disciplines of water treatment.   Supplier of products and services on the NHS Framework for water services.   Trusted by many market   leaders in all sectors our team make it their business to protect your business.

To discuss your winter water hygiene needs or for any other aspect of your water hygiene,  please contact our  team on 01905 23669  or email